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Rules & Regulations
  1. This photography element intends to provide a unique display of outstanding wildlife pictures and to associate a powerful conservation message with the pictures displayed
  2. Submitted pictures will be carefully assessed by the management. Only pictures of very high quality standards are displayed on this site.
  3. We encourage applicants to provide a short descriptive text to go with the pictures submitted (pictures submitted without text are unlikely to be selected). The text provided must be no longer than 200 words in length. The text must be related to the species displayed in the picture (the text can however expend to broader aspects while using the subject as a case study) and must provide a clear yet powerful conservation message. The text provided must be of a good standard of English and be accurate (please make sure your facts and figures are correct. The management does not take any responsibility for inaccurate information provided)
  4. Pictures submitted without text are unlikely to be selected. Receiving an invitation from the management for a specific picture does not guaranty that the picture will be displayed on the site as submitted pictures must also meet the strict submission requirements highlighted in rules 3 and 12. Pictures which do not meet these standards will not be retained. 
  5. Only pictures showcasing wildlife will be considered (no landscape pictures). All types of life forms can be posted from micro-organisms to large mammals
  6. Only selected pictures will be displayed on the site
  7. Pictures submitted which are not selected will be deleted from our system. The applicant will not be advised whether the picture submitted has been approved. Once approved, the picture will be displayed on the site. We suggest that you check the site regularly to see if your post has been approved. Submitted pictures which have been selected will show up on the site within one month of submission. There is no specific time for which pictures will be displayed on the site (most will be displayed for an extensive period). The management reserves the right to remove pictures from time to time and to refresh the site with new pictures. 
  8. Applicants may submit as many pictures as they wish. However, we would suggest that only your very best pictures are submitted as we are very selective on the quality of the pictures
  9. Elements for pictures selection include: Image quality (focus and overall quality/framing/composition must be perfect), interest and rarity of species showcased (we accord priority to rare/exotic species over more common species). We additionally take into consideration the descriptive/educational message provided with the picture. 
  10. Privacy policies: we strictly respect privacy and copyright policies. Pictures posted on the system which are selected to be displayed on the site will display the name of the photographer. Pictures submitted will not be used for any other purpose then being displayed on the site
  11. You may only post your own pictures on this site. (I.e. You must be the photographer of the pictures that you post). The management does take any responsibility for the origin of the pictures or copyright infringement. Please note that it is an offence and copyright infringement to post pictures which are not your own work. We take copyright infringement seriously and reserve the right to conduct regular background checks and remove the pictures from the site while conducting further investigation. By submitting pictures on this site you have certified that you are the sole photographer of the submitted pictures
  12. Pictures submitted must be of sufficient resolution not to affect the image quality. Pictures of insufficient size or resolution will not be selected (Min width: 700 pixels. Resolution: 72 dpi. Max file size: 1MB)
  13. Both colour and B&W pictures can be posted. However we only accept B&W if the monochromatic format offers an artistic element that cannot be achieved through colour photography
All pictures on this photography section of the site are submited by third parties and copyrighted to the respective photographers. Utilisation, reproduction and any use of these pictures is strictly prohibited whithout the prior approval of the pictures owners. The management does however not take any responsibility for illicit usage or reproduction of these pictures, should there be any.  
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