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Useful Links

This section aims to provide users with a selection of links/websites on biodiversity. Two types of resources are provided.
1) Links to third party sites which provide extensive biodiversity related websites
2) A selection of individual downloadable material

International Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services

IPBES provides an international platform to popularise the biodiversity science knowledge and make the link with policy makers in a similar way that the IPCC works on climate change negotiations.

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Science and Development Network

The website provides access to key documents on national and intergovernmental initiatives to slow down the loss of biodiversity

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Biodiversity Information Projects of the World

A list of external links to biodiversity information projects around the world. An excellent resource to find out what type of initiatives and resources are available on biodiversity around the world

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The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

This site provides access to the complete work of Charles Darwin. Resources include books from Darwin that can be consulted online or downloaded and a range of other resources. A must see and highly recommended website.

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CUGE, list of certified professionals, landscape design…

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Singapore Botanic Garden

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Save Our Sharks

Save our sharks, Australian site

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Ocean Portal

An excellent portal to learn in a fun and interactive way about

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Global Biodiversity Information Facility

A range of resources and database on biodiversity

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Singapore Garden Festival

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