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The Biodiversity Portal of Singapore was developed to celebrate the international year of biodiversity in 2010. This programme was developed for the purpose of raising awareness on biodiversity and the dramatic issue of the intensifying trend of the extinction of species on Earth, one of the main environmental challenges of the 21st century.

This programme was conceptualized and developed based on a book by author Sylvain Richer de Forges: “The Biodiversity of Life on Earth: from Heritage to Extinction”. An adapted and simplified version of this book was used as a core for the website aiming to provide a unique educational platform on biodiversity. Furthermore, various sections of this website were specifically developed with the intention to serve as a hub for individuals and organisations willing to learn and act on the subject.

Despite its roots as a Singapore based platform (thus its name) mostly due to the original support of local based organisations acting in the field, the portal has rapidly grown to become an international platform on biodiversity awareness. 

The following persons and organisations have contributed to the development of this programme:


Programme Founder

Sylvain Richer de Forges

Copyrights (2010 all rights reserved)

- Biodiversity Portal of Singapore Website: © Siloso Beach Resort

- Intellectual property & Book (“The Diversity of Life on Earth: from Heritage to Extinction”): © Sylvain Richer de Forges (Only an adapted and simplified version of the book is made available on this site)

- Photos: Unless otherwise specified,  all photographs on this site were taken by Sylvain Richer de Forges ( © Sylvain Richer de Forges)

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Siloso Beach Resort

The development of this website was made possible thanks to the support and financial contribution of Siloso Beach Resort.

Siloso Beach Resort (SBR) is a certified Eco Hotel on the Island of Sentosa in Singapore. Over the last few years, SBR has stand out through a series of world unique environmental and sustainability achievements. Siloso Beach Resort has received a range of local and international recognitions. Among others, SBR is the winner of the ASEAN Business Award (CSR); The Singapore Environment Achievement Awards (SEAA); The Singapore Sustainability Award, The Singapore CSR Award. It is also the first international Eco Certified Hotel in South East Asia from TUV Rheinland and the first hotel to receive the Eco Hotel status from the SEC Eco Hotel Certification Scheme.

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Moving Mouse features an integrated team of creative designers, application programmers, writers and photographers that work together to provide a one-stop solution for all needs.

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